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Learn To Burn!

Encaustic Workshops are open and I have structured a special program open the passionate beginner or long-time encaustic enthusiast. Classes are held in my working studio with full access to all of my equipment and materials. This also means the number of students per session is limited. Smaller class size will result in lots of individualized attention for each participant. The classes are set up as 2-day immersive workshops designed to get you started and build your confidence or simply regain your enthusiasm for working with wax.

Day-1 We will cover all the basics and get you familiar with using the materials. This includes safe studio practices, demonstrations and supplier resources.

Day- 2 The second day will feature demos of specialized techniques and some of my secrets for creating unusual effects.

If you're interested in enrolling in one of my Learn To Burn workshops, you can find more information here!


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