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Everyone Learns Differently

School was always a challenge for me …I dreaded it everyday as I struggled my way through classes. As a creative thinker…I had a different way of seeing and understanding the world and that made learning in a traditional format very difficult for me as a child.

Many of my teachers just delivered information in a single method and you either got it ...or you failed.

With the exception of a few caring teachers…it never felt like they were trying to share their knowledge and educate me. School always felt more like they were simply pushing another kid through an antiquated system.

To me …teaching means sharing knowledge… not just repeating information. Now that I have the honor and privilege of being a teacher myself …I am constantly reminded of how I felt during those awkward school days. And because of my experiences in the past…I work with great care and intention to make sure all of my students feel seen and heard and that they understand what I am sharing with them. Even if that means multiple versions of the same information. It’s about finding that connection and meeting people where they are.

Given my past experiences ...I never thought I would go on to become a teacher myself. But teaching has turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has been so incredible to watch people flourish when they are learning something new. Especially when it’s something as exciting as encaustic painting. I feel fortunate and honored to be included in on so many creative journeys. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.


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