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What Compels You?

Ever wonder why we as humans feel compelled to create? What drives us to make our art, craft objects...compose music? I started thinking about this and came up with a few ideas as to why people are compelled to create.

I believe we make art in order to: Express emotion Express Ideas Share stories Understand our world Understand ourselves Connect with others Communicate Remind us of our humanity Instigate change Connect to our spirit Inspire those around us Create awareness Create pleasure Educate Improve our surroundings To prove something…to ourselves and others To foster understanding Create a sense of unity To provoke To entertain To enlighten Document culture Mark a time Honor people, events and places Affect social change Heal ourselves Heal others Elevate the ordinary Adorn ourselves Explain the unknown Create an illusion Challenge ourselves Challenge others Commemorate the past

Take care of ourselves Take care of others Become masterful Be singular Elevate the ordinary Reinforce cultural ties and traditions

Feel free to add to this list... What compels you?


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