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Painted Not Poured

No acrylic was harmed in the making of this artwork. Surprising how many questions and comments I regularly field from well-meaning observers who think that my work is derived from acrylic pours. My artwork is neither acrylic nor poured... although the final results can mimic pour effects. Instead of pouring my material to create the work, my paintings are...well...they are painted.

You know... in the more traditional way... where I’m loading up my brush with pigmented paint and applying it to the surface in a deliberate and intentional way. And instead of acrylic, oil or watercolor...my paint just happens to be wax. This technique is known as encaustic painting. There is no acrylic in my work ...in fact ...acrylic is one of the few materials that is incompatible with the wax-based encaustic medium.

So... there you have it. Wax not acrylic: Painted not poured

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