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Paint Mixing

Another universe unfolds before my very eyes! Such lovely reactions happening in my encaustic pot as I mix paint today!

Whether mixing powder pigment or liquid colors, the world is my oyster. I have full creative control over the colors I want to incorporate into my next painting.

Exploring with new paint palettes in the studio always has me thinking about the human relationship with color and it’s affects on our psyche. Color makes a real psychological impact on us and we can be moved to an emotional response simply through the strategic use of color.

Take the color Orange for’s known to trigger creativity and spark food cravings (A fact that’s not been lost on the fast food companies)

Yellow can elicit a sense of play and joy but did you know that it can also trigger anxiety?

Black is a’s often associated with negative subjects such as death or depression...but it’s also used to project a feeling of luxury and create a sense of calmness.

As an artist ...color is a critical part of my creative process ...making the topic a fascinating and endless one for me.

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