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Got The Blues?

Ahhh...the Blues... colors in the blue spectrum are often associated with depression and sadness. It’s common for us to say “I’ve got the blues” when we’re feeling sad. But for me... the color blue represents tranquility and a connection to the earth.

Working with a blue palette seems so expansive and the creative possibilities are endless. As artists, we can sometimes favor a Cool color palette over a Warm color palette or quite the opposite...preferring hot reds and oranges to those sapphires and emeralds. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed working with both.

I am also fascinated with the psychology of color and I wanted to share a few color factoids regarding the color blue:

It probably comes as no surprise to you that blue is the most popular color and often claimed as the favorite...especially in young people and more heavily in males than in the female population. I think it’s has more to do with the way that we perceive color and how much blue is actually in our natural world.

Blue is considered to be a color that can bring on a sense of serenity and peace. blue can also lower your pulse rate and body when you literally need to “chill” try surrounding yourself with some cool blues Cheers to all things blue! Do you have a favorite blue? You can see more blue landscapes like this one on my website here.


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