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Power Through

Painting is easy when you don’t know how... but very difficult when you do. - Edgar Degas

Not every piece of art you create is going to be good. And this will be the case for however long you’re an artist. Right now my thoughts are taking me back to when my studio was filling up with work as I prepared for an exhibition.

I remember painting my heart out for this show and I spent more than 9 months creating the work. I ended up with about 35 paintings in that time but I chose to only release 28 of them for the show. The remaining work just simply didn’t make the cut in my opinion.

I’m sharing this to keep you feeling strong about your own art journey. Knowing that not every piece of art you create is going to be wonderful and perfect gives you permission to keep moving forward despite the inevitable setbacks.

Don’t let the failures stop you from creating new pieces. They could very well end up being your next masterpiece or provide a big breakthrough. What keeps you motivated even when things aren’t working out as you had hoped?

What do you do to keep your art moving forward? I'm curious to know!

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